USM Haller

Comfort in the office: customized work environments for at home

Design the home office you have always dreamed of, or playfully transform your current work environment with new pieces of furniture. Use the USM Haller modular furniture system to design bookcases, sideboards or roll containers with storage space that are tailored for you and your needs. Match the color to the room and give your home office the desired atmosphere: bright yellow for playful creativity, soft shades of gray for peace and harmony. Choose the ideal combination of storage furniture and shelves. If you only have a small amount of space available, folding doors become ideal work surfaces for laptops.

If space is not a problem, design an individual desk for your home office. Choose a smooth glass plate for elegant serenity or wood veneer for cozy comfort. With the choice of the right size, shape and height-adjustable function, your desk is made exactly to your personal ergonomic requirements.

The result is a home office that promotes your productivity, creativity and well-being.

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