COR: sofa TRIO


For more than 60 years, a little red heart has symbolised seating furniture which stands quite apart from the rest. But what makes this heart beat? The address is Nonenstraße 12, not far from Rheda-Wiedenbrück railway station and therefore right in the “Silicon Valley” of the German furniture industry. This is where the heart of COR beats. This is where, for the past 62 years, COR has made upholstered furniture which is progressive and has won dozens of design awards, yet consistently remains conservative when it comes to longevity and manufacturing quality. “Quality in its pure form” was the credo of Leo Lübke Senior and his partner, Prince Bentheim-Tecklenburg, when they began manufacturing upholstered furniture in 1954. A name for the company was quickly found: COR, the Latin word for heart. This was to reflect the three hearts adorning the co-founder’s royal coat of arms.Ten years following the foundation of the company, an ingenious COR sales representative by the name of Friedrich Wilhelm Möller designed a piece of furniture which was to be as flexible as a box of bricks, as adaptable as a chameleon and hence fairly soon a bestseller. Long before trend researchers spoke of “cocooning”, people were already relaxing on Conseta. To date, more than 820,000 Conseta elements have been sent all over the world from Rheda-Wiedenbrück. No other COR furniture has been such a longseller as Conseta, but many have found design awards and recognition, delighted customers and, not infre-quently, imitators. Today, the red COR heart stands for an internationally recognised design brand and a company which has, in essence, remained true to its heart. COR furniture is still manufactured exclusively in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. And COR is still a family run company (and has been managed by the founder’s grandson, Leo Lübke, since 1995). In other words, long lasting upholstered furniture is still a matter of the heart for COR.